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Three Tips On How to Take Care Of Your Rings

Caring for your engagement ring before and after your wedding is incredibly important! Many of us go through our days, so busy, that we forget about basic ring maintenance. We get it! You have a lot on your plate. But, at Jensen Jewelers, we want to make sure that your ring is shining for years to come. Don’t let the…
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Top 10 Most Romantic Places to Get Engaged in West Michigan

It’s no secret that we love a good engagement story. I mean, who doesn’t? But around here, getting engaged means a little more to us than most. Jensen Jewelers believes that getting engaged is the launching point for the rest of your love story. And that’s why every engagement deserves to be perfect! We want to spend some time this…
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The Ultimate Guide to Engagement Rings

Congratulations, you’ve found the girl of your dreams and you’re ready to take the relationship to the next step. Great, you’re in the right place. Now it’s time to find the perfect ring. We have prepared this ultimate guide to engagement rings to help you out with the biggest decision in your life. If you’re anything like me, you may…
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What Kind of Engagement Ring Should I Buy?

Narrow down your diamond engagement ring choices by observing your future bride’s style — and what jewelry strikes her fancy when she window-shops. Engagement ring shopping is the perfect example of the paradox of choice. On one hand, it’s reassuring that there’s a perfect ring for every woman. On the other, the sheer number of decisions you face as a…
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4Cs of a Diamond: Tips On How to Buy The Best Diamond

Learn these incredible tips on how to buy the best diamond. Before you buy a diamond, it’s important that you understand their value. A simple way to understand the value of a diamond is to understand that there are four qualities that comprise its value. Here are the 4Cs really mean for you and your fiancée— and decide what matters when…
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