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Three Tips On How to Take Care Of Your Rings

Caring for your engagement ring before and after your wedding is incredibly important! Many of us go through our days, so busy, that we forget about basic ring maintenance. We get it! You have a lot on your plate. But, at Jensen Jewelers, we want to make sure that your ring is shining for years to come. Don’t let the sparkle disappear after your wedding day. We put together this little guide on how to take care of your rings.

Don’t Forget to Remove Your Ring

We know you hate to part with your beautiful ring, but there are certain times and activities that you should actually take your ring off. By removing your ring at these times you risk tarnishing and extra wear. See our tips below to ensure that your ring is properly cared for.

You should take off your wedding ring when…

  • Applying make-up and lotions Excess lotions and make-up can actually dull the look of your stones. Be sure to keep your ring clean and remove your ring before applying these things.
  • Using cleaning chemicals When you’re cleaning your house be sure that you remove your ring. These chemicals are rough on both the metals and the stones of your ring.
  • Swimming Remove your ring before entering a chlorine pool or when swimming outdoors. Chemicals are hard on your ring. Additionally, your hands change sizes when you’re immersed in water and you risk losing it!

Don’t Forget About Standard Ring Maintenance

Like many things, rings are meant for standard upkeep and maintenance. At Jensen Jeweler’s we actually ensure that your ring is cared for with our in-house ring maintenance package. All you have to do is bring in your ring to us and we’ll clean it for you.

In addition to bringing your ring for frequent cleanings, there are other things that you can do to help maintain your ring, like:

    • Bring your ring in for inspections

While we’re cleaning your ring at Jensen Jeweler’s, we’ll also ensure that your diamond and setting are both safe and secure.

  • Go to a trusted jeweler It’s really important that you have repairs and maintenance done by a jeweler that you trust and know. At Jensen, we pride ourselves on having in-house jewelers who maintain our client’s rings.

Think About It Daily

A ring is an investment. And it’s important that you think about your ring on a daily basis. Here are some simple daily tips that will help your ring shine!

  • Remove your ring each time you wash your hands.
  • Take off your ring at night.
  • Remove your ring when helping your kids take baths
  • Remove your ring when cooking doughs and using oils

We want to make sure that your ring shines brightly for years to come. You deserve to have a ring that looks as beautiful as the day you bought it. When you buy from Jensen Jeweler’s you’re a part of our family and we want to make sure that you and your ring are happy long after your wedding day photos have been taken.

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