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Best Priced Diamonds in West Michigan

Whether you’re looking for natural, pre-owned or a lab grown diamond we can help you find a remarkable diamond to fit your budget.

At Jensen Jewelers, we have the largest selection of diamonds in the area. This ensure you find the perfect diamond for your budget while making your shopping experience simple and easy.

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What People Are Saying About Jensen Jewelers

“My experience at Jensen was nothing short of exceptional. I was so thrilled that Jensen had something to reflect my personal style. I have recommended Jensen to a ton of friends since our experience there.”

Melissa Welsh

“This might have been one of the best purchasing experiences I have had. The ring is beautiful and she couldn’t be happier. Fits her style perfectly. I’ll be recommending Jensen Jewelers to anyone looking!”

Jason Jamieson

Diamond Shapes

When you begin shopping for a diamond, the first thing you’ll want to consider is the shape. The shape of a diamond is the physical form a diamond takes. In other words, the cut. As you look at different shapes of diamonds, you will notice that each diamond has a unique shape.

Like snowflakes, no two diamonds are exactly the same.

Because each diamond is beautifully unique, its luster and brilliance will reflect differently in the light, offering glamour and elegance wherever place you go. The individualized cut of your diamond will create the incredible ring of your dreams.

Discover Your Favorite Diamond Shape

Knowing the general shape or “cut” you prefer will help us locate your perfect ring. Before you can know what you want, you need to know exactly what is out there. Here are different cuts of diamonds that we carry in the store…

Trending Diamonds


Known for its classic style, the Round cut diamond has long been a favorite choice for engagement rings. The round cut diamond is one of the more versatile diamonds. Widely known for its ability to compliment almost any shaped finger. The round cut diamond famously reflects both natural and artificial light incredibly well, giving it luster and glow in every type of lighting.


The Princess cut diamond is a new trend in engagement rings. The Princess cut is actually one of few “mixed” diamond cut types. This means that it has elements of both brilliant and step cuts. Known for its romantic and bold appearance, the Princess cut diamond has rapidly and rightfully become one of the most popular engagement ring rings we have seen this year.


The oval cut diamond is known for its feminine style and sliming abilities. Because of the oval’s elongated shape, the engagement ring tends to take up more space on the finger than other cuts. And as a result of this seemingly larger cut diamond, the finger appears more slender and refined.

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