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Travis + Leslie’s Romantic Garden Propsal

We are so excited to kick off the month with our new couple, Travis and Leslie. Their engagement was simply stunning and we are absolutely thrilled to be a part of their incredible love story!

Congratulations, Travis and Leslie!

It was an unusually warm spring day in March when Leslie and Travis decided to visit Frederik Meijer Gardens. As they wandered the property together, they came upon a waterfall. There, with the water rushing around them, Travis got down on one knee and asked Leslie to be his wife.

Leslie was completely taken by surprise! It isn’t often that you are truly surprised in your lifetime, so when the surprise sneaks up on you, the moment is extra special.

“The best part of our experience with Jensen’s was the personalized experience that Travis got with Bonnie when picking out the ring.”

While she didn’t know that Travis had picked out a ring, she did share a Pinterest board of ideas with a friend, whom she trusted to pass on.

Congratulations, again, to the happy couple! We can’t wait to see what the future hold for you both!

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