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Kalynn and Brad’s Desert Proposal

We know that you have all been eagerly awaiting this months engagement story! Today, we are so excited to be featuring Brad and Kalynn’s proposal story. Their dreamy desert proposal is a reminder that true love can sneak up on you, no matter where you are.

Although she lived in Michigan, our bride, Kalynn, has always loved Arizona. She told us, “Arizona is my favorite place, hands down.”

It so happened that Kalynn and her fiance, Brad, purchased a truck from an owner who lived Arizona. Their plan was simple (at least Kalynn thought). They would fly out to Arizona, buy the truck and then drive it back to Michigan together.

Kalynn had no idea that their trip West would also include an unforgettable engagement story.

Once the couple arrived in Arizona, they had an entire day to spend exploring. While they were out hiking through the mountains, Brad brought out a ring from his backpack. Completely surprising Kalynn, he asked for her hand in marriage! There, amongst all the indescribable beauty of the Southwest, Kalynn said “yes” to Brad, as he slipped the ring on her finger.

“It was a beautiful moment. Brad had the ring in his backpack the whole time! He asked my parents and bought the ring at Jensen’s the day before we left on the trip. So sneaky!” Kalynn said.

“All of my friends said to go to Jensen Jewelers.” Brad said, ” They told me, don’t waste your time on the other places first, just go straight to Jensen!”

Brad continued to say, “They were great! Very helpful and friendly. Never pressured me to buy a certain ring. Just wanted to help me find the perfect ring for the perfect girl!

Congratulations Kalynn and Brad! We loved your love story and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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