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Jordan and Marissa’s Picture Perfect Proposal

For those of at Jensen Jewelers, this month’s featured couple, Marissa and Jordan, feels more like old friends than customers. For years, even before they were engaged, this sweet bride had been shopping and dreaming with us. Here’s their picture perfect proposal.

Marissa told us,

“Born and raised in Hudsonville, there was no way I was letting him go anywhere but Jensen. My sister bought her ring from Jensen and it was perfect. I went to Jensen multiple times looking at rings and sending him many ideas.”

To say the least, we have loved watching Marissa’s dream turn into a picture perfect reality. Today, we can’t wait to share their story with all of you. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Marissa and Jordan met when they were 17 and 19 years old. She told us, “Never, did I imagine to find my prince charming at such a young age.” But fast forward seven years later and that’s just what happened.

When the couple began talking about getting marriage, Marissa was insistent that they wait until we completed nursing school in May 2018. But that didn’t stop either from beginning the planning process.

He heard about Jensen on the radio when he was driving to work one day and thought he would check them out. A unique part of our story is that our wedding was completely planned before Jordan proposed. People thought I was crazy but it all worked out in the end.

Once they began looking at rings, the proposal slowly began to unravel.

One day, their photographer friend, Tiffany, contacted Marissa. She told Marissa that the couple had won a free giveaway to have their portraits taken. True to Marissa’s planning nature, she picked out the perfect dress and had shirts made. Little did Mariassa know that this photo shoot would be the day she had been planning and dreaming of for years.

The couple went to the photographer’s studio, where everything was perfect. From the shiplap on the walls to the white comfy bed, it was better than anything Marissa had imagined. She even made the comment, “this would be the cutest place to take engagement pictures!” In her mind, she already couldn’t wait to come back one day for an engagement session.

After taking a few photos, Tiffany said her card was full and went to get another one. Marissa’s eyes followed Tiffany over to the other side of the room, so she didn’t notice Jordan getting up. When Marissa turned back to him, Jordan was on one knee saying, “Marisa Kay Tuinstra will you marry me!” From the big surprise to the waterworks that followed, Tiffany caught everything on film. Their engagement was literally the picture perfect moment Marissa had always dreamed of.

She told us,

“As you can see in the pictures I could not stop looking at my ring! It could not have been any more perfect!”

Congratulations Marissa and Jordan! We are so thrilled for everything that life has waiting for you. We hope you’ll stop back in regularly.

I just want to thank all Jensen employees for the wonderful and helpful service they provide. From the time I walked in the door just looking at rings until the time I brought in my ring to be sized, everyone was so nice and quick to help.

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