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What Jewelers Won’t Tell You: Chocolate Diamonds

We’re here today to reveal another common myth in the jewelry market: Chocolate diamonds.

Over the past few years, “chocolate diamonds” have become a popular trend for engagement rings. Many women are drawn to these diamonds because of their unique physical appearance. Chocolate diamonds can make interesting centerpieces for many ring settings because they look nontraditional and unexpected.

Unfortunately, chocolate diamonds are actually a major misrepresentation in today’s jewelry market.

What are Chocolate Diamonds?

The first thing you need to know about chocolate diamonds is that they are actually just brown diamonds. So, what are brown diamonds? Sometimes diamonds can have brown undertones or discoloration. These brown diamonds occur naturally in the earth. (Interestingly, a brown diamond is actually the most commonly found diamond in nature.) Like other diamonds, brown diamonds are mined from the soil and then sold.
“Chocolate Diamonds” is a registered trademark term, limited to the use of one jeweler. However, this term has grown into an explosive marketing gimmick by jewelers throughout the diamond marketplace. In other words, this small phrase is now being used to make brown diamonds seem more alluring to the general public than they actually are worth.

Here’s where it gets interesting…. To make brown diamonds appear more lustrous and beautiful, many jewelers have begun color treating chocolate diamonds.

Imagine that someone is in a store shopping for a chocolate ring.

What do they expect?

They expect sparkle.

Unfortunately for jewelers, a brown diamond does not have a natural sparkle. In fact, they are often quite opaque. Color treating the diamond deceives shoppers into a belief that chocolate diamonds are naturally this bold and beautiful, and so, therefore, they must be worth a great value.

So what does this all mean?

At Jensen Jewelers, we believe if you like it and you’re educated about it, go for it.

We certainly aren’t writing this post to say that brown diamonds are ugly and you shouldn’t buy them. We simply want to highlight some of the many misconceptions that can arise when buying “chocolate diamonds”.

You should always know what you are buying.

The easiest way to avoid buying a false diamond ring is to ask your jeweler about their diamond ratings.

At Jensen, we rate our diamonds based on cut, color, size, and clarity. This means that every diamond we sell undergoes a high level of scrutiny and examination. We like to be upfront with our customers so that you know what you are getting. Every diamond has a story, and our customers are a part of that story.

Make sure that you know WHO you are buying your ring from. It’s important that you trust the people you are working with BEFORE you buy your engagement ring.

Here are some simple ways you can ensure you’re at a “good” jewelry store:

  • Ask friends and family for personal recommendations.
  • Look at their website online, read their blog and check out their social media platforms.
  • Read reviews online about the jewelry store you’re shopping at.

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