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How to Get Your Dream Ring Without Ruining His Surprise Proposal

Are you a woman who knows exactly what engagement ring you want? When you’re in love and planning that next step, it becomes natural to daydream about getting engaged. After over twenty years of service in the jewelry business, we’ve learned that a large majority of women know exactly what kind of ring they want: cut, color and size, before they’re even engaged. And hey, there’s absolutely no shame in know what you like and what you want. But, sometimes it can be hard to balance one’s dreams of the perfect ring while also desiring a surprise engagement.

But at Jensen Jeweler we don’t think you have to settle for the perfect engagement ring or the perfect proposal story. We believe you can have both.

We believe every woman can get the perfect ring and the surprise proposal. We’ve worked with hundreds of couples to help pull off their dream ring purchases AND shocking proposal days.

We’ve been helping men and women pull off their dreams for so long that, honestly, we kind of have it down to an art form. That’s why today, we want to share some fool-proof methods we’ve learned over the years. We are certain that this list will help any couple as they begin planning their future together.

6 Ways to Get the Ring You Want Without Ruining His Surprise Proposal

#1 Start a Pinterest Board

One of the simplest ways you can help your partner know exactly what type of engagement ring you want is to start a Pinterest “Engagement Ring” Board. Pinterest is an amazing visual way for men to see just what kind of engagement ring you’ve been talking about.

Pinterest is also a helpful tool for us at the store. If your man is able to bring us a picture of what you like, we can either help him match it to one of the hundreds of rings we have in stock or we can help him build it with one of our talented in-store goldsmiths.

Another main benefit of a Pinterest Board is that you can simply share it with your boyfriend without ruining any surprise he may be planning. Then, when he’s ready, he can access the Engagement Ring Board and you’ll never even know.

Pretty easy, huh?

#2 Enlist a Truthworthy Partner in Crime

If you’re concerned that your partner doesn’t understand your dream engagement ring descriptions, it might be time to call in reinforcements. Remember that no matter how clearly you think you’ve described it, there is always room for an unintentional misunderstanding, especially if he isn’t familiar with rings. So, have one of your friends (who knows JUST what you want) casually reach out to him and let him know that she can help. Or tell him point blank, “Honey, just ask Karen.”

#3 Try Shopping Together

Just because you go shopping together, doesn’t mean the surprise is ruined. We love when couples pre-emptively come into the store to look for and get engagement ring ideas.

Engagement ring shopping together also allows us the opportunity to measure your ring finger, which means on the day of your proposal your ring will fit perfectly.

#4 Make Your Own Wishlist at the Store

Did you know that at Jensen Jewelers, many of our customers have ongoing “Wishlists”? It’s probably one of our favorite little tricks.

This is how it works… you come in, look for rings and get your measurements. We’ll make a list of your favorite selections and file it under your customer account. This way, when you and your man start talking about your potential engagement rings all you have to tell him is, “go to Jensen’s and they’ll take care of it.”

We honestly love working with Wishlists because they can help in providing a larger range of ideas based on styles and prices. Plus, by giving him solid options, you know that no matter when the surprise comes your way, you’ll be a happy lady.

#5 Have an Honest Conversation

We highly recommend that every couple on the verge of engagement have a serious conversation about engagement rings. After all, an engagement ring is most likely one of the longest-lasting investments you’ll make in your life. Therefore it’s essential that both parties be on board about the purchase.

At Jensen, we want you to start your new life out on the right foot by knowing exactly what to expect when you purchase your engagement ring.

That’s why we offer zero-down financing. (To learn more, visit this page). But no matter what your budget, we recommend that everyone have the same expectations for the day and the ring in order to avoid any type of disappointment. You never have to settle when you plan with Jensen.

#6 Share an Instagram Photo

Wait… you are following us on Instagram, right? Did you know that we’re always sharing our hot picks and favorite deals for engagement rings?

Following our Instagram account is hands-down the easiest way to find engagement ring possibilities and inspiration without being too obvious. Plus, if you find a ring you want, you can always just casually slide it into his DM’s.

So what do you think? What idea makes the most sense to you?

To find your perfect ring, come on in today and speak with one of our trained diamond experts. No appointment necessary.