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5 Easy Ways to Nail the Perfect Proposal

Are you trying to plan a perfect proposal but feel lost?

Have you been searching for rings but don’t know what you’re even supposed to be looking for?

Do you want to pull off the perfect moment without completely blowing the big surprise?

From picking out the perfect ring to keeping the big secret, we’ve watched hundreds of guys plan the perfect proposal. And today, we’re going to share our biggest proposal secrets with you.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to nail the perfect proposal.

#5 Have a Friend Take Her to Get a Manicure

One of the first pictures she will take after your engagement is a “ring selfie.” You know what we’re talking about, right?

5 Easy Ways to Nail the Perfect Proposal

If it’s one thing we know, it’s that no lady wants an engagement ring selfie with chipped nail polish.

Before you pop the question, ask one of her girlfriends to take her for a manicure.

This small detail will make her so excited, we promise.

#4 Keep Her in the Dark

There is something to be said about the element of surprise. As you plan your big day, make sure you only share the details with people who won’t blow the big surprise!

Did you know that the ladies at our shop are excellent secret keepers? Seriously. If you need an opinion or want to run your ideas by someone, ask them when you pick up your ring. We’re here to help you with whatever you need!

“My fiancé only had great things to say about Jensen. He said he didn’t have a good feeling about a lot of other jewelry stores. That they were too pushy and didn’t give you enough time to really figure out what you wanted. But Jensen was kind and patient and made sure you were getting what you wanted. The ring he ended up picking out was absolutely beautiful and better than I could have even picked out for myself.”

– Nicole Mackey

#3 Location, Location, Location!

The location of your proposal is key! Ask yourself these questions if you’re considering WHERE you will propose…

Does it mean anything to us?

    Make your proposal location super special and romantic. Think about where you had your first date, where you first told her you loved her and other special events throughout your dating years. The more personal your location, the better.

Is it photo worthy?

    It might sound silly, but a beautiful location matters. Think about the backdrop when you’re planning your engagement. Is there a special place you can take photos? Are you going to sneak a friend in to take pictures of the moment? Is the background easy to take a “just-engaged-selfie” that you can post on Instagram and Facebook. The thoughtful proposal is in all of the small details.

Is it a place she’ll feel proud to tell people?

    1. You will be sharing your engagement story the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Make sure that the location is something you can both be proud of retelling over and over again.

#2 Find the Ring of Her Dreams

The ring is the centerpiece of your engagement. That’s why it’s so important to find the ring that she has been dreaming about!

But here’s the trick….

Make sure that you figure out what ring she WANTS without blowing the big secret.

Here are some tricks to figuring out what ring she wants…

1. Enlist her buddies to help.
The easiest way to figure out what kind of ring she wants is to ask her best friends. Best friends know all. Enlist the help of one of her trustworthy friends. Have her ask the tough questions and get the information back to you.

Talk about other people’s rings. Casually ask her questions about other people’s rings. By reflecting the question about other people, she’ll give you hints about what she wants.

Ask Jensen Jewelers. If you aren’t sure what she wants, reach out to one of our engagement ring specialists at Jensen Jeweler. They have helped hundreds of (errrrr… clueless) guys find the perfect ring for their girlfriends. We’ll ask you lots of questions to help you determine her style. It’s painless, we promise.

If you’re confused, reach out today. Why go through the pain of finding a ring if you don’t have to? Let us find the ring, so you can plan the day.

#1 Speak from the Heart

Think about what you’ll say to her. Off the cuff sentiment is good, but you don’t want to sound sloppy. Make sure that you practice what you’re going to say.

Tip from an Expert: Practice in your car when you’re driving to work. The silence of the car will let you focus on your thoughts and allow you to listen to yourself.

If you’re feeling lost planning the perfect proposal, reach out today. At Jensen Jewelers, we have experts who can make the process easier. We’ll help you find the perfect ring she’ll never want to take off.

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