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Your Guide to Summer Jewelry Care

Beach days, late nights poolside, fireworks and family time! Finally, summertime is HERE! It’s easy to get carried away by the endless sunshine and carefree days. But in all of the fun and excitement of this season, don’t forget about caring for your jewelry properly.

Did you know that caring for your jewelry changes with each season? That’s right, different season, different rules. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of proper summertime jewelry care until it’s too late. Today, we’re going to share some easy care tips to keep your jewelry fabulous this summer!

#1. Don’t Let Humidity Get You Down

Rising temperatures and humidity levels can do a number on different metals. This is why summertime is often harder on your jewelry than other seasons. The unfortunate reality is that metals tarnish more readily in humidity. If you aren’t wearing your jewelry daily, you can protect it by storing it in a temperature controlled area.

#2. Don’t Let Your Jewelry Go Off the Deep End

More time at the beach and the pool increases the chances that your jewelry could become lost in the water. You can go swimming and have fun, but your jewelry shouldn’t! Leave any precious jewelry safely at home. We hate to hear about wedding rings sitting at the bottom of Lake Michigan!

#3. Beware of Chemicals and Saltwater

Summertime inevitably means your ring will be dipped into chlorine and salt water. Help keep your jewelry chemical and salt-free. What many people don’t realize is that a day at the ocean or pool can wreak havoc on your fine jewelry. The reality is that salt and chlorine can discolor gold and platinum, as well as impact your gemstone quality, finish, and polish. Don’t let consecutive fun days at the pool destroy your favorite jewelry pieces.

#4. Your Ring Doesn’t Need to Worry About a Sunburn

While we always recommend you apply sunscreen regularly, your ring doesn’t need to help in the process. Heading out for a fun day at the beach with your friends? Be sure to leave your ring at home or remember to take it off when applying sunscreen. And if you remove your ring for your sunscreen application, be sure to wait a few minutes before putting it back on to avoid residual sunscreen. Sunscreen has many chemicals that are too hard for precious metals. And if your jewelry does end up along for the long ride, make sure to give it a good cleaning once you get home.

Want to keep your jewelry at it’s best this summer?

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