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3 Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know

Every girl wants an engagement ring that makes her react like this:

And every guy wants her to have that reaction too.

At Jensen Jewelers, we’ve helped thousands of couples find the perfect engagement ring. Whether you’re looking for a classic style or something trendy, we can help you find your perfect ring.

In today’s blog post, we will be talking about 3 recent engagement ring trends that we LOVE.

Trend #1: Unique Diamond Shapes

For starters, round diamonds are still the most popular diamond shape. Not far behind round diamonds are oval and pear-shaped diamonds. The number of requests we get for oval and pear-shaped diamonds has exploded over the last few years.

So what’s behind the trend of oval and pear-shaped diamonds and why are so many loving them recently.

To begin with, these shapes have been less expensive because they weren’t as popular. It’s simple supply and demand. Another reason people love oval and pear-shaped diamonds is that they look bigger. Compared to round diamonds of the same carat weight, ovals look bigger because of their elongated shape. The last reason for the trend of oval and pear-shaped diamonds is because they are unique.

Trend #2: Stackable Bands

While a stackable band isn’t exactly an engagement ring we are including them today. Why? Because it’s part of the whole engagement ring/bridal look and style (plus we love them).

Stackable bands are a great way to mix and match different styles and create a look that is 100% your own. Stackable bands allow you to compliment your engagement ring. Blend different styles, combine different metals and designing a fuller layered look.

Trend #3: Pavé Setting

Pavé is a french word (fancy word) for paving. Think of paving a ring with diamonds, yes, please.

Pavé settings are a great way to add some sparkle to your ring and highlight the center stone. Pavé set diamonds are versatile and enhance the look of almost any style and diamond shape.


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