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Why Thousands of West Michigan Couple’s Have Made Jensen Jeweler’s THEIR Jeweler of Choice

For over twenty years, thousands of West Michigan couples have been flocking to Jensen Jeweler’s to purchase their engagement rings.

Through honest pricing and outstanding customer service, Jensen Jeweler’s has become the must-visit diamond destination for engagement and anniversary rings. Are you looking for a diamond ring without the hassle of a greedy salesperson and outrageous big box store prices? Look no further. Jensen Jewelers is here to promise you an easy shopping experience with a lifetime of happiness.

Here’s why thousands of West Michigan couples have chosen Jensen as their jeweler of choice and why you’ll love them too.

#1 Unbeatable Customer Service and Satisfaction

Jensen Jeweler has an impeccable local sales record with an incredible FIVE-STAR Google review. While other stores in the area struggle with maintaining honest reputations, Jensen Jeweler’s tops the list for their unbeatable customer service and product satisfaction.

Here’s what Taylor had to say about Jensen Jewelers after her bad experience at another jeweler store,

Have you had a bad jewelry store experience like Taylor? Turn your luck around by visiting Jensen Jewelers today.

Jensen Jewelers is tired of companies taking advantage of couples who are just looking to start their love story.

Jensen Jewelers has seen hundreds of customers with complaints and tough breaks from neighboring diamond suppliers. But they’ve become experts at turning unhappy customers into beaming newlyweds. Ready to turn your luck around, too? Here’s how Savannah turned her unfortunate shopping experiences into a golden future at Jensen Jeweler.

Jensen Jewelers is dedicated to giving couples quick and fair feedback about the ring of their dreams. You shouldn’t have to settle on bad service just because you want a fair price. Jensen Jewelers can give you both quality and reliable attention. Stop accepting poor service– you deserve better and we’re here to give it to you.

#2 No Strings Attached Financing

Don’t go into debt over an engagement ring. Jensen Jewelers is committed to helping couples get started on the right foot.We offer year-round financing options to help couples get the ring of their dreams.

Have you started looking into diamond financing plans, but you can’t find any options that would allow you to actually pay off your ring in a timely matter without spending hundreds in high-interest rates?

Jensen Jewelers offers a same-day, fast and easy financing program that allows you to find the ring you want and take it home.

While other jewelry stores might put you on a waiting list, check your background, or make you jump through firey loopholes, Jensen Jewelers is committed to giving you the respect you deserve.

We offer absolutely ZERO down with ZERO interest for 12 months. Jensen Jewelers wants you to walk away happy to the woman of your dreams.

#3 Affordable Pricing on Certified Diamonds

Jensen Jewelers believes in higher quality diamonds at a lower price. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality just to get a price you can afford.

Jensen Jewelers works directly with the customer to find a quality diamond that fits
their budget. We do this by hiring diamond experts who understand the innate value of diamonds. Jensen Jewelers knows the ins and outs of the diamond market so that you can focus on finding the ring that looks right to you. You can always trust that the ring you get at Jensen’s is worthy of a lifetime of happiness at a cost you can afford.

At Jensen, you’ll only get the highest quality diamond options at unbeatable prices.

But why take it from us, when you can hear what our satisfied customers believe? Here’s what a loyal customer, Jake, had to say about Jensen’s unbeatable prices:

Skip the confusion and come into Jensen where the pricing is always simple and honest. Forget the scams and rush of big box stores. Stay local, stay affordable and stay fair with Jensen.

We offer 35% off all engagement rings, 50% off all pre-owned and 70% off all pre-owned jewelry.

Jensen Jewelers has a reputation for fair pricing throughout West Michigan. Not only does Jensen offer great prices on engagement rings, but Jensen Jewelers also offers unbeatable deals for diamond accessories. Here’s what Heidi had to say about Jensen Jeweler’s impeccable pricing options.

#4 Excellent Lifetime Service

Diamonds are forever…. so, your post-service package should be forever, too. Jensen Jewelers doesn’t sell and just forget you. When you purchase your ring at Jensen you become a part of our family.

Life happens. Make sure that your ring is safe forever by purchasing it from Jensen. Here’s what a satisfied customer had to say about our post-purchase service package:

Jensen Jewelers offers a lifetime service package with each engagement ring sold. That includes FREE, unlimited cleanings. You’ll also get an engagement ring fitting session with an employee who is trained in ring sizing to make sure that your ring is secure and happy on your left hand. We help you care for your ring, so it can survive the test of time.

#5 In-House Master Gold Smith for Efficient Custom Orders and Repairs

Jensen Jewelers has an in-house master goldsmith to meet our customer’s immediate needs. Whether it’s a custom order or a size-alteration, Jensen Jewelers guarantees a speedy return for all customers, new and old.

Don’t wait around for a ring to be shipped away for alterations, let Jensen fix your rings and accessories in their store.

Jensen Jewelers has helped hundreds of couples design unique custom-order rings. Jensen’s goldsmiths also specialize in taking heirloom diamonds and incorporating them into modern ring settings. If you have a diamonds that need a new home on your left-hand, schedule an appointment with one of our diamond consultants today.

Here’s what one satisfied customer had to say about their custom ring designed by Jensen’s staff.

Like they did for Kevin, Jensen can make your vision a reality. Let your family diamonds live on forever and forever with a new design. With Jensen Jeweler is there are no limits for what is possible in your love story.

It’s obvious why thousands of couples have made Jensen Jewelers their family jeweler of choice. From unbeatable prices to easy financing, along with unbeatable pricing, lifetime service packages and outstanding care from an in-house goldsmith, Jensen Jewelers is unlike any store in West Michigan. Jensen Jewelers has set a high standard of care and customer attention that cannot be matched.