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Take The Plunge Summer Sale

35% Off Engagement Rings*
50% Off Pre-Owned Diamonds
70% Off All Estate Jewelry

It’s our crazy summer “Take the Plunge” sale.

If you’ll take the plunge, I’ll take the plunge. That’s right, all summer long, every time someone buys an engagement ring, I’ll get splashed into a huge dunk tank right in front of our store.

Why do we do this stuff? To show all you guys looking for an engagement ring that we’re casual, fun and not stuffy. You can shop here and not feel pressured.

Enjoy Jensen Jeweler’s cool summer deals and cool Dan off in the process. I mean seriously, where else can you dunk the owner of a jewelry store?

Don’t shop where prices are fixed, come to Jensen Jewelers and enjoy 35% off engagement rings, 50% off pre-owned diamonds and 70% off all estate jewelry; take advantage of the best deals in the entire area!

Know anyone selling diamonds, gold, coins or silver, send them right next door to Jensen Estate Buyers and get the highest payouts.

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