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Top 2018 Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know

With so many engagement ring styles out there, the number of choices can sometimes be intimidating. In this post, we’ll go over our predictions for the engagement ring trends of 2018. Our list for 2018 includes both brand new looks and resurfacing styles that we know you will love.

1. Oval Rings

Oval center stones have been on the up-and-up the last several years and this year is no exception. We expect the oval engagement ring to come into its own in 2018.

Oval engagement rings are modern yet classy and unique all at the same time. Oval center stones have been popularly paired with halo settings but also look fantastic standing alone as a simple solitaire.

2. Rose Gold

This metal has been a favorite trend the last several years and continues to be trendy and popular with designers and celebrities alike. Rose gold has a way of standing out, and it’s no wonder it continues to be featured in new collections and remains on our trending list for 2018.

The use of rose gold has no limit. If you love rose gold, you will probably like it on all different styles of rings. Most often rose gold is paired with halo settings, used in ring stacks and looks beautiful on vintage-inspired designs.

3. Ring Stacks

Ring stacks are one of the newest trends of 2018. While some engagement rings are meant to be pairs with a specific wedding ring; stacking rings allows you a little more freedom, flexibility, and customization. Mixing and matching stacking rings is a great way to personalize your look and create something that is YOU.

4. Vintage-Inspired

Vintage inspired engagement rings are timeless and unique. Vintage inspired jewelry has gained popularity in recent years as a throwback to romantic era style and fashion.

Vintage inspired engagement rings are a style that is adored by women of every generation. There is something about vintage-inspired rings that is sophisticated, nostalgic and classy.

5. Halo

Halo engagement rings continue to be one of the most popular trends in current years. Halo rings have become the standard of beauty for modern engagement rings. They are stylish, bold and classy.

Halo engagement rings have been paired with many looks to create beautiful styles of their own. The last few years halos paired with oval center stones and rose gold have become the trendy choice.

6. Simple Solitaire

Another style throwback coming back into fashion is the solitaire engagement ring. This simple yet sophisticated look is the definition of a classic engagement ring. Nothing says timeless and class like a solitaire engagement ring.

To complete the classic solitaire look pair this ring with a brilliant round diamond. If you are looking for something more modern, it can be paired with a beautiful oval diamond.

7. Twisted Band

Sometimes there is nothing better than a classic with a twist. Over recent years some of the most classic looks have become new again with the inclusion of twisted bands. Twisted bands fuse the classic, timeless look with a more modern feel.

Which is your favorite engagement ring trend?

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