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What Jewelers Won’t Tell You: Synthetic Diamonds

The Danger in Buying Man Made Diamonds

As a local jeweler for over 30 years, I have seen plenty of engagement ring trends. And, as both a seller and buyer, I have had a backstage pass to realities of the diamond marketplace. Lately, it seems, the diamond market is using a loose scale to grade diamonds and confuse buyers. I hate this. For so many reasons.

A diamond engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you will make in your life; both emotionally and financially.

As more jewelers move into West Michigan, it’s important to know who you can trust to buy from and who might be leading you astray. I am 100% dedicated to helping raise educated customers.

That’s why today, I wanted to bring up a controversial topic that has been nagging me… the lies jewelers are telling about diamonds.

Above all else, I believe in open communication and honesty with my customers. But sadly, there are lots of jewelers out there who color the truth or hide things from their customers simply to make a purchase.

So, in this series, I am going to throw it all out there… to help save you from making a bad purchase you won’t get your money from.

At Jensen’s, we believe that an informed decision is always the best one.

So, if you’re ready let’s get started on this discussion!

The Most Common Diamond Myths a Jeweler Won’t Tell You, Part One: Synthetic Diamonds

So, What is a Man Made Diamond?

A man-made diamond is just that: human-made. These diamonds are grown in labs and made to mirror properties of naturally occurring diamonds. You might have heard these diamonds referred to as artificial diamonds, cultivated diamonds, cultured diamonds and/or synthetic diamonds.

Cultured diamonds have become more popular recently because they look very similar to natural diamonds, making it very difficult for the average person to distinguish.

Does Man-Made Mean Bad?

We don’t want to necessarily scare people away from the idea of a man-made diamond. Like any ring you are purchasing, there are lots of factors in your decision. Our concern is more about our customer’s knowledge about the long-term value of the diamond.

The major benefit to a man-made diamond is the upfront cost. On average, a man-made diamond sells for 20- to 40% less than natural diamonds.

However, at Jensen’s, we always encourage our customers to think of their diamond purchase an investment. An engagement ring isn’t the same as buying a sweater or a pair of jeans. The goal of any purchase should always be long-term quality.

In other words, ask yourself: What is the lifetime value of your purchase rather than how cheaply can I purchase it?

My biggest advice about synthetic diamonds is this:

Be Careful, Man-Made Diamonds Lose Value After Their First Purchase

To put it honestly, and pointedly, a man-made diamond has zero to little resale value. And while we understand that not all purchases should be made for “resale value”, we also think it’s important to realize that life happens.

What if your style changes and you want to upgrade your wedding ring?

If your engagement ring is a man-made diamond, you won’t be able to get any or much of your money back on it. On the other hand, if you have a natural diamond ring, you could either trade it in for money back or repurpose it into a new band.

Which reminds me, don’t forget that Jensen’s is also an estate jeweler. If you have a natural diamond ring or any jewelry that you no longer wear, you can bring it in and get money back.


Why man-made diamonds lose their value and why it will only get worse?

Man-made diamonds lose their value because they just aren’t as rare as natural diamonds. The truth about man-made diamonds is that their value is only going to get worse. Let me explain why. You know how flat screen TVs or really any technology comes out and it is super expensive. But eventually, as more companies continue to make TVs or whatever technology the price drops. This is the same thing that will happen and is happening to man-made diamonds.

As more companies start to create man-made diamonds their value will continue to drop. So even if you bought a man-made diamond today as more man-made diamonds flood the market it just won’t be worth as much.

How Do We Grade Our Diamonds?

At Jensen, we have a strict scale for grading diamonds. Not just any natural diamond passes the test. This means two things:

1. We only offer the finest diamond, and
2. You’re guaranteed to get a high value from your purchase.

We believe in grading diamonds so that our customers can easily understand what they are purchasing. When you purchase a natural diamond with us, we can tell you how it’s made and why it’s so valuable.

You deserve to make a purchase that will last a lifetime. We want to be there with you as you take your first steps.

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