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No Bull Sale: If We Sell a Diamond Every Day All Summer, Dan Will Ride a Real Bull

35% Off Engagement Rings*
50% Off Pre-Owned Diamonds
70% Off All Estate Jewelry

If we sell a diamond a day all summer long, Dan Jensen is going to ride a real bull.

It’s called the “no bull” sale because he doesn’t want to ride no bull!

If you don’t you know Dan, he’s a pretty big guy. Seeing him ride a bull
would be hilarious if not dangerous. Let’s make him do it!

I mean, if you’re buying a diamond anyway, you might as well go to Jensen Jewelers. We have the best deals and we’re certainly not uptight like other jewelers.

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Enjoy 35% off Engagement rings, 50% off pre-owned diamonds and 70% off all estate jewelry.

Don’t be bulled around by the chain stores and those pushing man-made diamonds.
Get the real thing for less at Jensen Jewelers, and “no BULL”.

Take advantage of our 0 down 0 interest financing.

If you can rustle up any old diamonds, gold or silver, get the best offer right next door at Jensen EstateBuyers.

Jensen Jewelers, real diamonds, real people, really good prices.

Buy a diamond from us and you can make Dan ride a bull.

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*Offer is for in-stock jewelry only & excludes Simon G jewelry, La Fonn jewelry and some watches.